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UBER APP DOWNLOAD: Currently, Uber is one of the most convenient, reliable, and even less expensive way to pick and drop you at your locations. All you need to do is, tap a button on your smartphone, and you are able to hire a ride to pick and convey you at your destination.

The Uber app technology has made rides very safe and private. You are able to go through the profile of the drivers you wish to hire, and also,  Uber  has a 24/7 customer support feature. So you have nothing to worry about. All you need is to complete the UBER APP DOWNLOAD and installation process on your smartphone, and you are good.


The beautiful thing about the Uber App download and installation process is, it saves you the embarrassment of the long queue at the bus stations. It doesn’t matter when you need a ride, all you need to do, is book a ride through the simple process on your Uber mobile app. Uber app is currently the number 1 ride sharing app.

Are you ready to hit the road? First things first; UBER APP DOWNLOAD. Here are the minimum requirements of the smartphone devices you need for Uber,

Android Smartphone Minimum Requirements for Uber App

  • Android version : Android 6.0 and/or newer versions
  • RAM: 2GB Ram Minimum
  • Processor Brand: Two approved processor branms. Snapdragon Mediatek
  • Minimum Processor Model: Snapdragon Model:630 Mediatek Model:Helio P Series – P10
  • Processor Cores Minimum of an 8 Core processor also referred to as Octa Core
  • Processor Speed (GHz) Minimum processor speed of 2 GHZ
  • Benchmark Score Minimum GeekBench Score 4.1 – 600 (Single core) 4000 (multi core)
  • Screen Size Minimum screen size of 4.7 Inch / 60.9 cm2
  • Location Hardware Device must have both A-GPS and GLONASS chips internally

UBER APP FREE DOWNLOAD: Click here for iPhone / iOS device

UBER APP DOWNLOAD APK: Click here for Android devices


If you have reached this stage, it virtually means you have completed the UBER APP FREE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION PROCESS. Congratulations!!!. Now, how to use uber app isn’t rocket science. It’s as easy as opening and using any app on your mobile device,

Step 1: Create an UBER account

The basic things you need to create Uber account is a functional email address and phone number. After which you could use the account to either request a ride on the UBER APP you downloaded, or request a ride using a browser.

Step 2: Choose your destination

The Uber app is a very user friendly app, open the app and enter your preferred destination in the “where to?” box. Tap and confirm your pick up location, tap “Confirm” again to get a driver nearby.

Uber download app

Step 3: Wait for your Driver

All you need to do at this stage is to wait for your driver at your pickup location. The drivers location could also be tracked on the map.

Step 4: Confirm your Ride

For security reasons, it is advisable that you confirm your ride. Make sure you are about hopping into the right car, with the right driver. Endeavour to match the car’s plate number and car model. Also, don’t forget to match the drivers face with the driver photo on your app. Besides, your driver should also know you by your Uber account name.

Step 5: Rate Your Ride

It is important you let Uber know how your ride went. It only helps them to improve. On the app, you could compliment the driver or even add a tip.

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