How to Fix Wifi Connection: Wifi Troubleshooting- Fix Slow Wifi Connection

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Is learning how to fix Wifi connection, what you really need to know especially, if you have an active router, at home or in your office? Yes!!! Wifi Connections once in a while could be very frustrating, when it either becomes very slow or when you can no longer connect to the internet.

However, this could sound a little strange to most people who haven’t experienced the excruciating pain of trying to submit a very important email online, or taking some tests online or trying to perform one task or the other to beat time. Only to be dealt with the evil blow of bad Wifi performance.

Having Wifi issues or slow Wifi connections doesn’t really mean you have a faulty Wifi or router. That’s quite a very hasty conclusions. First and foremost, the knowledge on how to fix Wifi connection, or Wifi troubleshooting is very paramount.

In this article, we won’t be only discussing about how to fix Wifi connection problems, we will also be discussing about some of the common Wifi problems that are experienced at home, school, office and work places. Not to worry, at the end of this article, Wifi problems and how to fix Wifi connection related problems would no longer be a big deal.

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How to Fix Wifi Connection: Wifi Troubleshooting- Fix Slow Wifi Connection

Most times, you realize you’ve got stable internet connection, good signals, yet slow internet connection speed? Well, there could be logical issues about this, and the easiest to figure out is distance.

Whenever the device is too far from the router, there seems to be slower internet connections, of cause, objects could be an obstruction.

HOW TO FIX WIFI CONNECTION SLOW INTERNET – Try getting closer to your router. Interestingly, multiple usage of data could also affect the speed of your internet delivery. Are there some home gadgets connected to your router, and are not in use at the moment? DISCONNECT THEM.

Some activities on the internet grab more data the others, for instance, between sending an email, streaming videos online, and gaming online, can never be compared in both data and speed. Do you know how to fix Wifi connection / fix slow Wifi connection in this case? Get a Cat-5 Ethernet cable and connect the heavy data users directly to the router.

Is your Wifi secured? You could actually be suffering slow Wifi connections when people are leaching on your internet. Set up your router security password today.


Most people who purchase their routers leave their internet set up at the default mode. Which means that, so many routers might be using the same default channels and that could eventually get very crowded.

How to fix Wifi connection over-crowded problem – log in to the admin panel of your router and manually choose a different channel other than the default channel.

Also, try to enable a double-band router if your router has provisions for that. Enable 2.4GHZ and 5GHz. The 5GHz should always be preserved for the very important connections.


If you are very observant, you would find out that, sometime during the day, their is high internet traffic and their is scramble for usage. If you are using an office router, all you could do is reschedule your time of usage and be able to make the most of that time


As the competition continues to escalate, companies keep on improving and producing devices with higher speed and compatibility. In this case, always try to be abreast with your router hardware and software updates. When router is obsolete, apply for a change or get a new one.


Most people do not power down their home Wifi connection for days. This could affect the performance of the Wifi connection. In this case, to fix the Wifi bad performance, try to restart your router. And, when their isn’t any significant improvement, try resetting your router entirely.


Anytime you connect your Wifi to any device, the name of the router shows in that device alongside the password. If for any reason, you disconnected the Wifi from any of the device, or for any reason the SSID isn’t reflecting then, try connecting and paring the devices again. SSID is the name of your Wifi network.

In some cases the SSID is hidden, from available networks. In this case, input the SSID details and password manually.


How to Fix Wifi Connection: Wifi Troubleshooting- Fix Slow Wifi Connection

Majority of wireless routers can connect with computers and client devices without setting up IP addresses manually, which means they are set up as DHCP server. (DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is a protocol that provides automatic and central management for IP addresses distribution within a network).

How to fix Wifi Connection problems relating to DHCP – Ensure that your wireless network adapter settings are containing settings automatically from the DHCP server. If it is not getting the address automatically, it could cause bad Wifi connection performance.

How to fix Wifi connection DHCP issue on the computer – On a windows running system, right click the wireless network adapter > enter the properties and then IPV4 or IPV6.

How to fix Wifi connection DHCP issue on iOS – On the iPhone or iPad, navigate to settings app in the Wifi option. > Tap (i) next to the particular Wifi network with issues > ensure that the Configure IP option is set at AUTOMATIC.

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In cases that you are not able to diagnose and fix the network issues, allow your computer to diagnose and fix it.

How to Fix Wifi connection issues with computer -click on the network connection icon in the task-bar
choose ‘diagnose and repair’.

If these options aren’t available, navigate to your control panel, search for Network Sharing Center > right click it and pick a repair option.

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