Share Playstation video with Friends|How to share Screenshot & video Ps4

Share Playstation video with Friends|How to share Screenshot & Ps4 video


What’s the essence of being a bad ass gamer when your friends and the whole world can’t see and attest to your gaming skills? With the Ps4 controller, you can be able to share Playstation video recorded while playing to your friends, and on social media.

To share Playstation video with friends on social media and on YouTube is quite very simple, only, if you follow the steps as written in this article (same applies to share screenshots).

You have a Playstation 4 right? Have you taken a good look at your Ps4 controller? If you haven’t then, take some time out now, take a closer look at it. You would notice that the controller has a Ps4 share button. That, is where most of the share actions take place.

On tapping the Ps4 share button, you will notice some pop-ups which could be a little dicey. Solve the puzzle with this well articulated article on “how to share Playstation video and screenshot on social media” with friends and fans.

Before we delve into “how to share Ps4 Videos and screenshots on social media with fans and friends”, let’s learn how to record gaming videos on Ps4, and also, how to take screenshots of gaming episodes using Ps4.

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AM quite convinced that, at the end of this article you will be able to believe that learning how to record videos on Ps4 is one of the simplest Ps4 tricks you never know.

Same applies to saving screen shot images on Ps4. All you need to do is adhere to the simple steps below on how to screenshot images on Ps4, and in no time you would have cool images ready to send to your friends on social media.

To record videos on Ps4/ gameplay, you do not need to press a recording button before you start gaming, No!!! Ps4, is been programmed to record your last 15 minutes gameplay, all you need do is to place importance on the particular game you wish to record, see the simple steps on how to record videos on Ps4 below;

Step Guide on How to record Videos on Ps4

To record the last 15 minutes gameplay videos on Ps4;

Step 1: Tap the Ps4 share button on your controller

Step 2 : Scroll and click on “save video”, below on the bar that would appear or tap the block button on the Ps4 controller once the bar appears.

With this you would be able to capture the 15 minutes gameplay video on your Ps4 making it ready to share Playstation video.

However, if 15 minutes is a long time and you just wish to record a very short clip, this is what you would do: Double tap the share button while gaming and double tap the Ps4 share button on your controller to stop immediately.

Step Guide on How to Screenshot Images on Ps4

To save screenshots on Ps4;

Step 1: Tap the Ps4 share button on your controller

Step 2: Scroll and click on “save screenshot”, below on the bar that would appear or tap the triangle button on the Ps4 controller once the bar appears (this action would enable you take screenshot immediately).

Now that you’ve got these amazing screenshots and and gameplay videos ready, let’s show you how to share these videos on social media.

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To share Playstation video on social media / screenshots to your friends;

Step 1: Navigate to Ps4 main menu

Step 2: Chose the capture particular gallery, select the game and the content you wish to share

i) To share Image on Social media, hover around the image you wish to share, then, click the Ps4 share button. You will be given option to share on Facebook, Twitter etc.

ii) To share Playstation video, hover around the selected video, then click the share button PS4. You will be given the option to share Ps4 video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Share Playstation video with Friends|How to share Screenshot & video Ps4

Important: Sharing Ps4 video on YouTube is very cool. You could upload your Playstation video as a private / unlisted content. With this, no one will be given access to the video. You can now share the PS4 videos with your selected friends. (This method is cool when you want to keep your videos private, otherwise, feel free to upload and make it public.

You could also edit your Ps4 videos, all you need do is to hover over the video, click on the Ps4 option button, select, “trim”, and reduce the size to your choice.

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Still having issues sharing Ps4 video on social media? Leave a comment below at the comment section. Don’t forget to also share this article to your friends and fans on social media, using the social media share buttons.

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