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Safe Online Shopping: Learn How to Shop Online Safely- Avoid Scammers


Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways of buying things today, locally or internationally. In as much it is easy, fast, and most times delivered to your doorpost their are also lots of risks involved in shopping online. This is why you should learn safe online shopping tips.

Safe online shopping guide does not eliminate the risks of online shopping (which is already in existence). Rather, it equips you with techniques to protect yourself, as well as your financial information from internet frauds.

Below are some of the safe online shopping tips you need to learn.


1. HTTPS Secured Online Shopping Website

Safe online shopping with https

HTTPS- Which is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured; is a more secured variant of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol website (HTTP). The HTTPS online shopping websites simply means that you can carry out safe online shopping on that page without fear of being scammed.

Always look out for HTTPS online shopping sites with the the padlock icon. Although, not all the pages in most of the online shopping websites have the HTTPS / Padlock icon. DO NOT PUT IN YOUR CARD DETAILS OR EVEN SHOP IN ANY PAGE WITHOUT THE HTTPS / PADLOCK ICON.

2. Shop Online with Safe Internet Connections

Shopping online can never go wrong while shopping with safe internet connections. To shop with safe internet connections, you should be able to avoid shopping online with public computers. Inputting your credit card details on a public Wi-Fi connection is also very unsecured. Your bank details, credit card details and other important financial information could be hacked.

The best online shopping internet connection you should trust is your private internet connection. Shop with your PC. Shop at home.

3. Look Beyond what You See

Anyone can set up an online shopping site. Always make sure you are shopping on an authentic online shopping website. Make sure it is their official website. Make a thorough research on the company. Look out for the following:

  • Physical Contact address
  • Phone number (To contact when necessary)
  • Read reviews by customers on the website, find out what people are saying about the online shopping site before making payments.

4. Make Safe Payments Online

It is actually in making payments that so many people are being scammed online. After going through number 1,2,3 above. Choose your product and ensure you make safe online payments through secured platforms, Use services like PayPal, google wallet etc.

5. Keep Your Tracking Records

After payments, you will be notified by email, which would include details about the products you purchased, as well as your receipt and other tracking information. Keep these records safe until your product reaches your destination.

In Conclusion:

Do not hesitate if you suspect anything suspicious about the website. Most times, our instincts are our best guide.

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