Listen to Radio Online: Radio Garden| Listen to Radio using Smart Phone

Listen to Radio Online: Radio Garden| Listen to Radio using Smart Phone

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LISTEN TO RADIO ONLINE? Listening to radio stations, be it; talk shows, music, commercials etc, with, the aid of a radio, catching the waves and signals, very normal and popular. But, to listen to a radio online, not just online, but with the aid of your smartphone, and other internet enabled devices, over the internet (not a radio app on your smartphone), is quite very interesting.

When you listen to radio online over the internet, you have the ability to access so many radio stations around the world. You would be able to listen to any country’s radio station from your own country. AWESOME!!!

One of the cool stuffs about listening to radio online is the clarity of the audio production. You could listen to your own local radio stations as well as international radio stations from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone and strong internet connection.

Listen to Radio Online: Advantages of Listening to Radio through the Internet with your Smartphone

1. With the aid of your smartphone, you will be able to listen to radio online without:

  • downloading a radio app
  • the use of antenna (some smartphones use headphones as antennas)
  • without the aid of a traditional radio

2. You will be have a wide range of options… You would have lots of stations to listen to online

3. You will be able to listen to any radio station online with the use of any smartphone. As long as you have internet connection and, an internet enabled device.


Listen to Radio Online: Radio Garden| Listen to Radio using Smart Phone

Radio Garden is virtually a website, that allows you listen to radio, with any internet enable device. But, most convenient, your smartphones.

Radio Garden is a dutch non-profit radio and digital research project developed from 2013 to 2016 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. However, currently, Radio Garden has no boundaries, on daily bases, lots of radio stations all over the world keep registering their radio stations to be heard across the globe.

To listen to radio online via Radio Garden Live website is quite one of the simplest things that could be done on your internet enabled device. Here are the quick simple steps below:

How to Listen to Live Radio – RADIO GARDEN

1. Navigate to the Radio Garden Live Website

2. Allow the the website to load on your mobile device

3. On the next interface, click on the play button to start Radio Garden

4. Allow it to plant radio seeds > A globe would appear.

You will see the entire earth. You would also notice numerous green spots. Those green spots, are the radio stations in that vicinity. Spin the globe by dragging it, and select any radio station of your choice across the globe.

With Radio Garden you will be able to listen to radio station online, any radio station at all in the whole wide world. Some radio stations are just too good.

N/B: You could listen to Radio Garden with any internet enable smartphone. You could also listen to Radio Garden with the aid of a PC, or any internet enabled device.

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For more inquiries on how to listen to radio online via RADIO GARDEN LIVE website. Leave a comment below. Share this with your friends and fans who would love to listen to cool stuffs on the radio.

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