Learn How to Code for Beginners: 10 Free Coding Websites for Beginners

Learn How to Code for Beginners: 10 Free Coding Websites for Beginners


As a beginner, it isn’t advisable to learn how to code by paying exorbitant fees learning how to code. There are lots of free online coding websites, materials and books. Obviously, scouting for these free online coding website and books could really be tasking. NOT TO WORRY. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.

In this article, (as a beginner) we will show you where to learn how to code (basics of coding), and where to get free online coding materials, coding for beginners’ book and free coding guides for free.

You see, times have changed, in the past coding used to be associated only with computers and video games. But now, virtually all our devices have little or more coding attributes. With so many activities involving coding, more jobs for people who know how to code keep springing up. As a beginner, don’t you think this is the right time to learn how to code?

Now, the aim of this article is to help you learn how to code using the most available and possibly the best online resources you can lay your hands on as a beginner for free. With this step in a right direction, you will be able to figure out where you interests lie, then, you could now invest and learn more on it.

Learning how to code is now very easy, all you need is time, device, internet connection and passion for learning how to code. The time is now, take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to code for free with the compendium of free resources online, packaged in this article.

Before we get to know the free coding websites where you could learn how to code, let’s learn a few basic things about coding.


In a very simplified language for beginners, coding is the act of writing codes that would help you carry out a particular function, or task very easily and smoothly.

Coding is every where: you can use codes to create a very responsive website, coding could be used to build auto-pilots to make the plane fly on its own, coding is used in making video games. However, coding also has languages. Learning those languages means to learn how to code.


As the world cries out for more coding experiences, knowledge and skills, this is the most important, better still, the best time to learn how to code. But, come on, that coding stuffs looks scary. LOL.

Come to think of it, seeing a dude with his nerd glasses starring at his laptop and being able to understand and enjoy what he is doing, and you walk in, gaze directly into the same system and can’t even understand one single thing, kinda frustrating right?

Learn How to Code for Beginners: 10 Free Coding Websites for Beginners

Forget all those, learning how to code is far easier than acquiring some high skilled paying jobs. For beginners who really know how to put in alot of work, it is possible for a beginner to learn how to code and start coding in two weeks. With more hard works, beginners could become learn how to code and become coding a expert in a month (must have learnt at-least one coding language).

More Reasons to Learn How to Code

1. Coding is fun, especially if you love to build or manipulate things yourself and see them work exactly the way you want it, and they do. Imagine building a mobile game, app and even a responsive website from scratch all by yourself. Coding is fun.

2. Learning how to code equips one with coding skills, and coding skills are what you need to secure high paid coding jobs. Imagine being a developer for FACEBOOk or any big name establishment. Coding gives you job security and job satisfaction (if you love what you do).

3. Pursuing a career in coding, would be quite simpler if you learn how to code as a beginner. This is why you are in the right place where you would be able to find free learning materials that would be able to teach you to learn how to code.



As a beginner who wants to learn how to code online by getting practical experience, FREECODECAMP is your best take. This online coding school teaches beginners how to code, using working projects for non- profits. This kind of experience would certainly look awesome on your CV.


This is an online platform where you are able to learn for free, been thought how to code by real university professors. Although all courses on COURSERA are free, you are also given an option to pay for a “coursera verified Certificate”. These certificates also would grant you access to other resources found in the free version.


Learn How to Code for Beginners: 10 Free Coding Websites for Beginners

On can Khan Academy, you can learn anything. Khan also offers some cool programming tutorials for kids. Join Khan academy, and tag your family along. No body needs to be left out.


This is more of a learn how to code social platform. It is quite different from the rest, and the cool stuff about it is, SOLOLEARN is mobile friendly. It is your “learn how to code” tutor at a go. It is also free to download on your mobile device.


This is an online coding website that focuses on videos. You will be able to learn very cool stuffs by watching the videos about coding languages. Its free and very educative.


Yet another video tutor where you can learn how to code for free. If you really love detailed and long videos instead of short clips, here is your best video coding tutor.


Most beginners who do not want something so tasking start learning to code with HTML which is one of the simplest languages here. HTML5 DOG is one of the best place to learn how to code HTML as a beginner.


Learn How to Code for Beginners: 10 Free Coding Websites for Beginners

This online coding tutorial guide was crated absolutely for beginners. With 9 mini lessons created by Code school, Javascript.com starts from the scratch and leads you further more to more in-depth learning resources.


One of the most straightforward video tutorials you could get. Watch & Code has the ability to take beginners who wish to learn how to code from beginners level to becoming an expert in coding.


This is free online coding book recommended for beginners. This free coding online book could be downloaded as PDF into you device. However, if you wish to get the hard copy, you would then need to pay for the material.

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