Best Camera App for Android Free Download| 7 Best Android Camera App

Best Camera App for Android Free Download| 7 Best Android Camera App


One thing the smartphone camera does is to unlock the hidden potentials of photography in users. With Smartphone cameras, virtually, everybody becomes a photographer. However, the in-built cameras on our smartphone most times don’t really give the exact photographic imagery we imagined. The only option is to download awesome third party camera apps. If you are using an android phone, then, you are lucky to stumble on this article, cos, you will be able to find the best camera app for android that would give you the result you crave.

The obvious fact is, smartphone camera’s keep improving by the day, and no android user would want to be left back on this. In recent times, most people purchase android phones with the camera pixels in mind. In order to enhance your photos, all you need to do is check out from the list of these best camera app for android, and select YOUR OWN best android camera app out of the list below.

You know what is best for you, my best camera app for smartphones might not be your best android camera app. But, here is what we look out for when we talk about “best camera app for android”:

  • editing tools
  • multiple shot modes
  • post-processing special effects
  • composition overlays and lots more.

Let’s check out the 7 Free download best camera app for android.

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7. Camera 360

Best Camera App for Android Free Download| 7 Best Android Camera App

Now, this is one of the best photo app for smartphones that allows you take photos like a pro. With lots of effect, and a wide range of coverage, Camera 360 has become one of the most popular android camera apps on the Google play store. Camera 360 is a bit complex, but once you are able to master its tricks you are bound to create super photo shots.


Little wonder this app made the list of the best camera app for android, it gives you the feel of working with a DSLR (Digital single lens reflex) camera on your smartphone. Users are able to have the feel of what it means to be working with a professional camera.

Having the full control of light-metering focus, shutter speed, and the rest of them already makes you a professional photographer. However, the free version of the Camera FV-5 produces images with lower quality. To enjoy this app, just go premium.


Get Camera MX today and be ready to experience the change in your digital images. With the super extra features, editing tools and special effects that comes with Camera MX, you will be so happy you downloaded this best camera app for android.

Here are some cool stuffs about this android camera app; tap to focus, lots of overlays, filters and frames. Lots of super photo effect, and lots more.


If you are looking for the best photo shot app for your smartphone that isn’t much of a heavy weight, yet, with the full package of all the features of an android camera app, then, open camera is your best pick.

One cool feature about the open camera is that, it could be configured for either a right handed person or a left handed person. Open camera has lots of awesome tools like auto-stabilization, exposure lock, shutter controls, voice triggers for taking photos and lots more.

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Although the premium version of this best android camera app for android “the FOOTEJ CAMERA” is a wonder to behold (specially meant for professional photographers), the free version also provided some cool tools like; focus settings, shutter speed, slow motion recording and more.


This is one app that makes amazes its users with its selfie result. Do you love selfies? this is your app. For the records, Cymera app has been  able to win the hearts of so many android users, why don’t you join over 100 million android users who have downloaded this app?

Now, lets tell you some cool stuffs about the Cymera app: This best photography app for your smartphone has seven different types of amazing camera lenses, you could also be able to take photo shots in silent mode. It has cool photo editing tools, lots of filters, body reshaping, and definitely all the selfie features you need (am sure you know the selfie features).

Oh!!!, for the ladies, you could use this app to pull alot of tricks, by reshaping your body, increasing your hips etc.


Best Camera App for Android Free Download| 7 Best Android Camera App

One of the best camera app for android with the latest features of google android photography. The Google camera which is one of the best android camera app give users the opportunity to snap super sharp photos.

With the google camera, users are able to produce enhanced photos with its special features such as; lens blur, HDR+, slow motion video effects and lots more. Get yourself a Nexus phone and you would love this app.

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Do you currently using any of this apps on your smartphone? Having issues getting any of these apps? Leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article to your friends and fans using the social media share buttons.

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