Phone Overheating: Reasons for Cell Phone Overheating - How to Stop it

Phone Overheating: Reasons for Cell Phone Overheating – How to Stop it

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If your smartphone is warm, then, there is no need to worry, but, if your phone is hot (Phone overheating), and keeps increasing in temperature, then, there is obviously something wrong. Read more to find out possible reasons for cell phone overheating, and learn some cool tips on how to stop phone overheating.

There is the need to know the difference between, “my smartphone is warm” and “my phone is hot”. Due to usage and app actions in your smartphone device, there is no doubt your smartphone could get warm with time, but whenever you start noticing phone overheating, (steady increase in temperature) then, the issue could either be a hardware or software issue.

Phone overheating could lead to; explosion, battery drainage or practically melting the central processing unit of your phone CPU. Check out some of the reasons that could lead to phone overheating below.

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While using some apps on your smartphone, there are lots of electrical movements taking place. Naturally, these movements generate heat. However, some apps, and even games generate more heat than others. Playing games, streaming videos online and other heavy tasks tap into the phone’s processor and battery in demand of more energy.

Other reasons for cell phone overheating could be associated to poor network signal. When you are in a location where the network signals are poor, (mobile networks, Bluetooth or WiFi), your smartphone puts up more energy into its network antenna in search of stronger bands.

Multitasking with heavy apps or software could also be seen as one of the reasons for cell phone overheating. Moreover, the SoCs system-on-chips, an in built chip in your smartphones, is been installed to stop your smartphones from overheating. How does it do it? The SoCs reduces the speed of your device, and slows down its performance for the smartphone to cool. But, when it is been over pushed, it could get damaged.

Smart phone overheating could also be experienced when we decide to fry our phones ourselves. (Well, no one wants to consciously want to fry a smartphone). When we accidentally drop our smartphones in a location where there is direct sunlight heat on it. The kitchen is one place you shouldn’t accidentally drop your cell phone, this might not result to just phone over heating, but, explosion.

Phone Overheating: Reasons for Cell Phone Overheating - How to Stop it

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1. Battery Degradation

The smartphone rechargeable battery, which  are mostly made of lithium, is one of the best batteries used on smartphones. However, Lithium batteries (used of not used), degrade slowly. Heat speeds up the degradation of the Lithium battery. This also means that, overcharging could be a cause of phone overheating and isn’t good for your battery health,

Optimum battery charging percentage: Charge your phone while it is about 30%, and unplug between 80-90%.

2. SoCs

The Sytem-on-Chips only plays its role by reducing the speed and functionality of your device. This could be reduced to the point that users can not be able to use their device. However, just as aforementioned, if over pushed, it could be damaged. Resulting to constant phone overheating and possible explosion.

How to Stop Cell Phone Over heating

1. Charging Habits

Phone Overheating: Reasons for Cell Phone Overheating - How to Stop it

i) Do not allow the battery of your phone to drain to the point of 0%. Always charge your phone once the battery the level is about 30%, and unplug at 80%.

ii) Always try to use the appropriate chargers to charge your phone. Go for the charger produced by your smartphone’s company.

iii) If you must charge your phone overnight, do not place it on material like sofa or foam. Place on hard cool materials.

iv) Charging your smartphones with it’s protective cases could lead to overheating.

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2. External Temperature

Avoid exposing your smartphones to direct sunshine, or even car heater, boilers, gas cookers etc. However, do not put your phone into the refrigerator when you experience phone over heating. Abrupt change in temperature could lead to total damage of your smartphone device.

3. Save Energy

In order not to damage your smartphone’s SoCs:

i) avoid playing games that require so much energy on your mobile device

ii) avoid streaming videos online with your mobile device for so long

iii) avoid multitasking with apps that require so many energy from your device

4. Delete Apps

Apps on Smartphones also drain the life of your battery from the background. Delete any app you are no longer using. Do some phone clean up, free your phones memory a bit. Let it breathe a bit.

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Always know the difference between warm phone and phone overheating. With this article, anytime you experience cell phone overheating, find out what you are doing wrong, then, do the right thing. However, if your phone is overheating regularly, then, something must been damaged. GET A REPLACEMENT.

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