7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now


What actually makes the iPhone better than the android phones are the apps. iPhone being one of the most popular smart phones, has made life a lot more easier with just a sample of their iPhone smartphone. Majority of the apps on the Apple iPhone are so cool, however, you need to see these must have iOS apps below.

Although, as aforementioned, iPhone is known for having awesome apps in their stores, but, most iPhone users do not know, that their are lots of cooler apps with little or no popularity / recognition that has been proven to be very awesome and efficient.

Unless you wish to go with the popular apps the whole world is using, the likes of: Facebook, Snapchat etc. Apple app store is definitely where you can find the best apps on iPhone.

Fishing out best apps on iPhone, in the midst of other best iPhone apps could be a very herculean task, but, not to worry, this article has reduced the task for you.

Just peruse through the 7 must have iPhone apps in this article and select the best iPhone apps you should download, (that’s if you already don’t have them downloaded to your device).

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7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

This is obviously, one of the best apps on iPhone you ought to have. Whether you are using an older version of the iPhone, iPhone Xs, or you are yet to get an iPhone.

iTranslate Converse is actually an Apple Design Awards winner. It deals on a two-way voice translation, dealing with about 38 different languages. The cool stuff about this app is the automatic language detection feature.

All you need do is; talk to your phone, and “VOILA!”, the app would translate your speech into your selected language in an audio or text format. This is why, we feel the reason why the iTranslate Converse made the list of the best apps for iPhone users; it’s user friendly and simple interface.


7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

Looking for the best apps on iPhone, that could make your Instagram posts and presentation more stylish, simple and with a touch of class? Unfold is one of the best iPhone apps, with its powerful feature to make your photo sleek.

Download Unfold and enjoy 25 free templates and five fonts, which you can apply on your photo and video presentations. If the free elements aren’t enough for you, feel free to purchase more.


7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

As a movie lover, this is one of the best iPhone apps that should be ‘sitted pretty’ on your iPhone device. We are talking about an app that would help users keep up with the latest TV shows from 37 different streaming services.

Justwatch is your super streaming guide app. It tells your where and when to watch a particular TV show. With just one of the must have iPhone apps (JUSTWATCH), you would be able to keep track of big names like; NETFLIX, HULU, HBO Go, and even Amazon Prime Video.

One of the reason why the Justwatch could be classified as one of the must-have-iPhone-apps / best apps iPhone store houses is; its feature that allows you to search for a particular series you want to watch, alongside, latest movie trailers.

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7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

An Award winning photo editing app, that allows iPhone users bring out the creativity in them by producing amazing double and other powerful effects. With this app, everything is possible.

The Enlight Photofox is free app and made the list of best iOS apps as a result of the wealth of tools and features uisers could use to stitch photos alongside with effects seamlessly. Although, this app is free, the basic tools and effect are also free, but, to unlock some other awesome features, a little token would be required.


7 Must Have iPhone Apps : Best iPhone Apps You Should Download Now
For the classy and trendy ladies who are really cautions of their body, this is one of the must have iPhone apps you need to have. The Clue-Period Tracker could be called an “all encompassing” iPhone app for ladies.

Ladies are able to do the following with this app: record heaviness flow, menstrual products used, period dates etc. Ladies could also use the some features of this app to enter data on the following too: birth control use, cervical fluid, s3xual activity and lots more.

With this, ladies are able to know their bodies perfectly, be able to learn and predict their circle accurately,


Bitmoji allows you to customize and get your own personal emoji. You would be able to customize everything about your cartoon avatar ranging from its hair, eye colour, to outfits and accessories. Bitmoji is a very interesting and trendy way to chat. Linking your Bitmoji to your Snapchat makes chatting on Snapchat very interesting and fun. You should try this out.


Become your own DJ, download the DJAY app (which already made the list of best iOS apps) and get started with a basic two deck system with looping effect, and some other crazy cool crazy stuffs.

You could go pro on this app and become a mega DJ with four decks and video mixing feature. If you love music, this could be a nice source of entertainment for yourself and/or for your friends. Thrill them with some cool DJ stunts.

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Obviously, these aren’t the coolest of the best iPhone apps on the Apple store. Subscribe to this page and get latest notifications on more BEST APPS ON iOS device.

For more inquiries about any of these must have iOS apps, leave a comment below.

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