Secure Android Phone | How to Enhance Security of Android Phone

Secure Android Phone | How to Enhance Security of Android Phone


Most people actually think that the most secured phones are the android phones, and that is why they prefer buying the android phones? That, is very false. As a matter of fact, android phones could now, even be seen as one of the most vulnerable smartphones due to the growth of its usage. That is why you need to learn how to secure android phone.

Yes, our mobile devices have made life very easy for us; banking is now at our finger tips, purchasing items are now done without even swiping credit card, very confidential emails and private details are being sent and received privately via sms or any other encrypted messaging platform. With all these, comes the necessity to learn how to secure android device.

Do you know that most people have virtually all their activities tied to their mobile phones? All financial transactions, appointment, calendars and important dates, diary, family tree, photos and most importantly, their very important contacts stored in their mobile device. (Most people actually mourn their contacts’ loss whenever their phones get missing or stolen).

Learn how to secure android phone in cases of; hacking, theft, private data leak and lots more now.

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Most files on android devices are backed and/ or synced on google. This is why you need to secure android phone using the two-factor authentication method on google.

How to Secure Android Phone Using Google Two-Factor Authentication Method:

i) Login to your google account

ii) Navigate to the “two-step verification settings interface

iii) Select “using 2-step verification”

Other actions to be followed are quite simple. This is a very sure way to secure android phone from private data leak.


You would definitely agree with me that their are lots of awesome apps and Apk files that that could be found on the World Wide Web but, aren’t on Google Play Store. If you really care about securing your android phone you should be really concerned, why these apps aren’t on the Google Play Store?

This is why, we only recommend app downloads from the Google Play Store, this is because; Google Play Store is a Trusted Source
with stringent security policies, housing verified and authentic apps.

Downloading APK files from third-party stores come along with it; Malware and Viruses. These apps also insist that you turn on “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources.

Note: Always Turn Off the Unknown Sources settings to enhance the security of your android device.


Smart lock is very cool android security settings that makes your android device feel safe in certain, places, around you, and with certain devices.

The Android Smart Lock  basically has four categories

  • On-body detection: keeps your device unlocked while it’s on you
  • Trusted Places: keeps your device unlocked at certain locations
  • Trusted Devices: Keeps your device unlocked when it detects selected trusted apps nearby
  • Voice Match: keeps your device unlocked when your voice is detected

Setting up security details on our devices are very nice, but, we could actually let our guards down very easily, especially when a third party finds out the weak linkages. If you have any of these settings active on your android device ensure that you are also around trusted people. If not guard you phone as precious as possible. You never can tell…

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Secure Android Phone | How to Enhance Security of Android Phone

This is one of the tips to secure android phones that would always require authentication and versification. Imagine someone grabbing your phone to snoop around and BAM!!! The screen is locked, two things are involved: either the person tries to guess the password or the lock pattern or, the person asks politely, “could you please unlock your phone?”. It is your choice to consent or not.

A very significant number of android users do not use the screen locks, and it is one of the most simplest settings to secure android phone. You could either choose any of the popular android screen locks;

  • Pattern Lock
  • Finger-print lock
  • Pin code lock

When ever you feel any of these has been jeopardized especially the fingerprint lock, endeavour to go through the settings and see if you have other fingerprints saved to your device.


Anytime you give App permission to an app, it has the authority to access extra data and information in your phone. Any time you install an app, please do not give permission to :storage, call, Message and places you have important files saved.


Most android users do not know that android phones has an in-built mechanism for finding, ringing, locking and even erasing android devices from distance. The find my device option should always be on. If by the time you are reading this article, your Android “Find My Device” button is switched off, please, head to your security settings and toggle it on.

All you need to do to track a missing a phone is to visit from any browser. Once you are able to log into you Google account, you will be able to see the last location of your phone.


Secure Android Phone | How to Enhance Security of Android Phone

The Google Protect is like your regular app scanner. It scans the apps on your phone to make sure all apps are secured and not misbehaving. This is one the tips to secure android phone that is always turned on as default. But, for any reason that it is turned off, navigate to your security settings and turn on the button. That’s all you need to do to secure android phone.

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