Tech Tips: 7 Tech Hacks You need To Know for Better Productivity 2019

Tech Tips: 7 Tech Hacks You need To Know for Better Productivity 2019


Most times when people hear about tech tips, their minds start picturing “rocket science tips” in its very advanced module. However, tech tips and tech hacks have varying levels of operation, besides, is a sure provider of the basic tech tips and tech hacks you need to know.

In the modern world, it’s very hard to believe that lots of people are still very unproductive in their day to day activities, which is as a result of some of the simple tech tips , tricks and hack they are very ignorant of.

People actually spend time, thinking, “how do we make the world way easier than it has been?”. This has lead to the invention of so many tech tips that could help any one (both old and young) become very efficient in their day to day activities and also most importantly, SAVE TIME.

Do you want to get more things done in a little time thereby, becoming more productive in your day to day activities? These 7 best tech tips and tricks / tech hacks will definitely do the magic. Let’s get started. Let’s learn about the 10 best tech tips and tech hacks that will boost your productivity,



For those who currently use keyboard shortcuts, they can attest that shortcuts is a proven way to perform any keyboard task as fast as NINJA. However, with lots of complex shortcuts, beginners tend to loose interest in shortcuts, and most times rely on software and apps to get some tasks done.

Besides, anyone who is an expert on keyboard shortcuts must have started as a beginner. The easiest tech hack to learn how to use the shortcuts is by using your mouse to carry out the task, For instance; clicking edit > copy with your mouse, you will get a pop up shortcut ctrl+c for windows or cmd+c for Mac.

Tech Tips: 7 Tech Hacks You need To Know for Better Productivity 2019

Alternatively you could muscle your self through some programs that could help you use these shortcuts regularly so you could memorize them.


Speeding up your typing? Yeah, you could work very hard and learn how to type like a professional secretary, very possible. But, you could still use typing shortcuts to perform more typing tasks.

In this section, shortcuts don’t necessary meaning giving commands. Typing shortcuts would only make you spend little time typing and doing a lot of work. One of the tech tips you should be eager to learn.

Just like your ‘word suggestion options’ that pop up on your cell phone, you could configure some of the very popular clause and phrases you frequently use, into abbreviations and once you type them, they expand automatically into full sentences.


 Using a Mac:
Open up Keyboard from System Preferences > switch to Text tab. You will be able to realize you can fix up some abbreviations that would help you speed through some of your typing tasks.

Using Windows:
Windows does not have an inbuilt tool for this task, however AUTOHOTKEY would do the job perfectly.


Have you ever wondered why you PC, gadgets and mobile device lag? Most times, it is as a result of the so many bugs, internet clutters and caches.

Its very helpful to clear your systems off some apps, and software you do not use. Doing this generally speeds up any gadget in use be it mobile device, laptops, desktops and what have you. Some of the apps we have are being opened once in a very long time. Get rid of it, Get rid of the games you do not need. Don’t forget to back up your files. (WHEN DOING A TOTAL CLEAN UP).

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Who wouldn’t agree with me that social media knows how to make you feel very busy…busy doing nothing!!! To be more productive, try using some restraining settings to reduce the flood of notifications you get on your device. Facebook has lots of tech tips on how to make one see less of notifications.

To utilize one of Facebook’s tech tips on this, click the three dots next to news feed (Facebook web browser), then select “Edit preferences”. You could actually, filter the people whom you get notifications from to avoid distraction.


For some very legit, and useful reasons some people actually work with 2 to 4 or even more email addresses. Now, if you would need to send, receive and read mails from the inboxes of the varying email addresses, it is quite very possible, but, the very second employed to log out, and log in from one mail to another is very valuable.

You could actually merge all your accounts in one and have a total control of all your activities in one place. This is one of the tech tips / tech tricks / tech hacks that is been employed by very smart and productive secretaries. All you need to know is learn the very settings and how to deal with your email filters, in order to make your mail interface very neat and attractive.


Just like the we talked about in the social media section, there are lots of simple tech tips that could help you gain back true ownership of your devices. Most of these apps we installed have taken it as their duty to notify us at their own time. Well, we give the permission, But, we could still stop these apps, websites from bumping up on us whenever, and however they feel like.

The Do Not Disturb features in the Android and iOS devices have proven to become one of the excellent tech tips and tricks in preventing random notifications on our device. With this tech hack, it becomes very easy to put a lid on some of the apps on your devices.


Tech Tips: 7 Tech Hacks You need To Know for Better Productivity 2019

Obviously, working on a larger platform brings about more productivity, expanding your desktop, gives you room to a wider range of windows. This is one of the tech tips you need in your day to day activity.

The good thing about this tech trick is that, it could be performed on both Windows and macOS. It’s so cool. It just gives you the feeling of having several monitors set up on your desk, being housed by one monitor.

Tech tips to expand your desktop using Windows:
i) Click the TASK VIEW button (located at the right of the search box on the task-bar
ii) Use the option to create New Desktop

Tech tips to expand your desktop using macOS
i) Launch Mission Control from the dock or the Launchpad or use the keyboard shortcut Command+Up arrow
ii) Navigate your cursor to the top of the screen, then click the plus icon.

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